Happiness of the Sky

Humbleness, loving one another and serving society.

Every hungry passerby is welcome to eat

This is what volunteers learn in Bonheur du Ciel that opened in May 2016 in Mina. The concept is simple: they feed everyone, anyone, for free. The only condition is that you come over! Every hungry passerby can stop by to eat a deliciously healthy meal prepared by the loving hands of the lady chefs who have spared a few hours of their day to serve others. People or markets send the ingredients, ladies cook, scouts or volunteers serve guests. Who are those guests? “The man who sells coal, the man who collects cardboard, drivers, people in Mina, people from Tripoli, guests… Our aim is to feed any hungry person” this is how the ladies summed up the guests.

We belong to a society and serve its citizens

Meals are decided every Sunday and published on the Facebook page of Bonheur du Ciel, and within days, people donate ingredients and good, each as they can. You see bags of rice or beans, cartons of potatoes, bags of bread and many other fresh vegetables they wish to offer as help. The lady chefs prepare the meals on daily basis, so everything is served fresh to guests, including juices and desserts that are always kids’ favorites. “They feed us rice pudding and we love them a lot, they’re like family now,” says one of the kids and frequent guests. The mission of serving food is for scouts, volunteers or organizations, who find in this philanthropic work what feeds their souls and helps their fellow citizens. The relationship between the activists in Bonheur du Ciel and its guests grew stronger with time till they became friends, chit chatting over lunch and asking how everyone is doing. There are the frequent ones who show up almost every day and know where the napkins and plates are, and there are the new faces, some shy, some curious, who come by once and frequent the place for the food and the loving atmosphere.

A meal that fills a hungry person’s tummy and draws a smile on a volunteer’s face

Bonheur du Ciel satisfies different aspects in every person’s life: whoever needs a meal can find it there, whoever is able to help others can donate, whoever wants to give back to society can serve others, with a philanthropic heart and a sociable attitude. This place teaches everyone to look at life with their eyes and their heart, to spare time for anyone’s happiness and to bring joy to his soul through acts of kindness. Time is passing, spending it in volunteering makes you feel alive, and helps everyone see that Tripoli Lives.