An outing from America To Akkar

The needs are not only financial, but humanitarian, social, cultural and related to Arts.

A journey to Akkar

The outing started with Alexandra Tohme in Akkar. She came back from the United States to help the needy children. How is she going to help them? She decided to take them on an outing.

We’re going on a trip

There are so many problems here; economical, political and social. Says Alexandra, “for this reason, I came up with the individual initiative of ‘an outing’ to get joy into the hearts of these females and specifically children.” She adds that the help that gets into Akkar is rare and the kids here need to express more than characters and thoughts. The first outing was to a river in one of Akkar’s mountains. Alexandra came with buses and took the families on a trip to have fun, laugh, dance and play. After all, this is what every child on Earth needs.

The outing: Music, drawing, acting therapy for the children

The activities later expanded and art came up as a way for the kids to express more about different aspects related to their character. Patrick Sfeir joined the team every Wednesday to give the kids drawing lessons. Angela Khalil also joined to give theatre classes. The kids are very creative and they deserve to dream of a professional future where they learn art to benefit from their free time and discover their talents and abilities. Some of them were great at drawing, others were great at acting. Somewhere great at singing rap in Arabic expressing their dreams and what they wished to be when they grow older. As for Patrick, he learned how to please the kids with the simplest things. Angela also could tell more about the importance of acting to a child to express about what is in him. The outing was a great individual initiative that has helped children from the North to live their childhood with innocence, joy and lots of fun.